Our Simple Process

At Surrey Mortgage Broker, we work for you, at no cost to you. We will shop your business to over 40 lenders, giving you the best possible chance for efficient savings. Let us put our six-step process to work for you:


Call our 24/7 mortgage broker hotline at the following telephone number 604-235-1951. An experienced mortgage specialist will be available to take your call and discuss the details of your particular situation. Alternatively, fill out the online form in the bottom right hand corner and we will call you. STEP 2

Once we have the details of your specific needs, we will explain in detail our customized assessment. Our mortgage strategy will clearly outline the options available and we will recommend a specialized action plan.


Your personal mortgage specialist will represent you to leading mortgage institutions and make a strong case for you as a borrower. For the terms and conditions we will work on these on your behalf, making sure that your final options relate to your goals.


Once you have come to a conclusion on one of the options, we will obtain an approval from the lender that will by handed over to you within hours. You are then free to take your time reviewing the approval. STEP 5

Upon your approval, your mortgage specialist will come to you to have the lender forms signed. Approval typically takes up to 3 business days. During this time any we will handle any outstanding conditions that need to be addressed.


Once finalized, you will be required to present this paperwork to your lawyer. Our final step is to complete all paper work and to communicate to the lender that their option has been accepted.



Call 604-357-2091 for a free telephone consultation.

Let us show you how you can save money on your next mortgage.







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